Code of Conduct

1. Almanac should be brought to School daily.

2. Students are expected to be punctual- Reporting to school and the classes on time. Late coming a truancy will invite disciplinary action.

3. All students are expected to conduct themselves with dignity, be courteous and respect staff and other students. They should greet their teacher when they meet them. Bullying and use of foul language are offences. Students should invariably be polite wherever they go.

4. Student Council Member to wear their respective badges daily.

5. Changing of classrooms between periods should be done silently and in an orderly manner. Students should not unnecessarily leave their class at the end of every period.

6. All students are expected to take care of the School property and ensure the campus to be litter free.At PANCHSHILA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL , we believe that all individuals are caretakers of our Planet. We must all be responsible for promoting waste minimization and conserving resources. Switch off water leakage or dripping tap. Please report to your

Class teacher / Housekeeping In charge immediately.

7. Discipline –

As a student of PANCHSHILA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, you are expected to be respectful and maintain school decorum at all times. The following actions of misconduct will lead to strict disciplinary action :

  • Willful disfiguring or damaging of School property, dirtying the classroom
  • Unruly behavior in school premises/classroom
  • Truancy in class or from school
  • Bringing any electronic gadget to School – mobile phone, i-pod , camera, i-pads, etc. (without permission)
  • Bullying or using any form of aggressive action, persisting impertinence or rude behaviour against any fellow student or staff member.
  • Bringing book / text matter/ CD/ pendrive etc. which are not relevant to the course work.
  • Scribbling or writing anything on furniture, walls etc.
  • Scribbling on the shirts or uniform.
  • Use of foul / abusive language or derogatory remarks.
  • Misconduct, in discipline and misbehavior in School transport.
  • Not abiding by all rules and guidelines during any educational trip, field visits and excursions.
  • Bringing in personal sports equipment without prior permission.
  • Any form of physical aggression in School premises, classroom etc.
  • Bursting crackers or throwing colour on one another / painting faces within school premises.
  • Continued absence from School without leave for six consecutive days.

8. Uniform and Personal Hygiene –

  • Students are expected to attend school in proper School uniform and be neatly dressed at all times – proper skirt length, buttoning of cuffs, hair properly trimmed ( for boys) and properly tied with black band/clip (for girls) etc.
  • Students are supposed to come in proper School uniform on Open Days, to attend extrusion classes, trips and exertions.
  • Please refrain from wearing expensive articles. School will not be responsible for the loss of such articles.
  • Students are not allowed to wear jewellery, kajal, tattoo, nail paint etc and neither allowed to keep streaked hair.
  • Use of hair gel is not allowed. Wearing low waist trousers is forbidden.
  • Students are expected to take care of their personal hygiene well.
  • Identity cards to be worn every day.