Recommendations To Parents

It is our earnest endeavor to bring about a holistic growth in your ward, not just in academics but also in co-curricular activities. We nurture students to make them sensitive and loving human beings, strong enough to face the challenges of life. In this endeavor, we seek your co-operation.

Parents are requested to –

  • Read the contents of the Almanac carefully and abide by the rules laid down by school authorities.
  • Ensure that their ward carries School Almanac and identity card to School every day.
  • Complete the information in Personal Record and Medical Record pages and hand it over to the Class teacher.
  • Check the uniform, punctuality and regularity of their ward every day.
  • Ensure that their ward carries book/exercise book according to the time table for that day.
  • Do not let their children carry money to School except when required for specific purpose.
  • Pay attention to the performance, progress and over-all personality development of their ward.
  • Make a point to pursue their ward’s diary daily to co-ordinate with the class work / teachers observations and ensure that he/she sits down to self study.
  • Not to enter classrooms or meet teachers during school hours without prior appointment.
  • To duly acknowledge circulars, invitations and other such documents that are our means of communication with the Parent
  • Ensure that children do not bring crackers, dry colours etc to school.
  • Ensure that student do not carry any electronic gadget (mobile phone, camera, i-pad etc) to the School under any circumstances. If they are found carrying the same, it will be confiscated.
  • Kindly inform the School of any change in your ward’s address or Contact number.
  • Use the ‘Leave record’ form in the Almanac when applying for leave or explaining the absence of your children for long leave should be sought from Principal.
  • Student must have a minimum of 80% attendance in an academic Session to sit for the examination.
  • To attend Open Days (Parent Teacher Meetings)/Orientation on a regular basis. The Class teacher should be informed about any absenteeism, prior to the meeting. Students Must come in School Uniform on Open Days.
  • Report card must be collected at the end of each term. For Term I, report card duly signed should be submitted to the class Teacher within three days.
  • Ensure that any communication made should be addressed to the Class teacher. The Address, Phone Number, name of the student, class, section etc should be clearly mentioned in the application.
  • Kindly note that it is compulsory for all students to attend school on first day of the beginning of a semester or after each vacation and last day before the beginning of a vacation.
  • To read and explain the School rules to their wards.