Environment Policy

The mission is to provide a green environment at school and inspire students to green our world by reducing our environmental footprint while enhancing
personal health.

We will accordingly

  • Share and promote ideas for sustaining Our Planet with the staff, students, parents the resident the community.
  • Promotion of practices to conserve resources like oil, water, electricity, paper, food etc.
  • Reduce and segregate waste so that they can be managed sustainably.
  • Recycle as much of our waste as we can, exploring ways to further recycle our waste.
  • All stakeholders to recycle through the school where appropriate. (e.g.recycling e waste, tetra pak cartons, paper recyclable).
  • Dedicate School community to the cause of making informed choices through small acts.
  • Ensure that we demonstrate practically care for the world we live in, by providing and protecting habitats for indigenous species of plants, insects, birds and mammals.